How do you come up with your estimate of boring numbers and depths?

Each Geotechnical Engineering firm has its own set of guidelines for estimating the numbers and depths of borings, and RVT is no exception.  To get us started on the recommended depth, we use the rule of thumb "depth equals ten feet, plus five feet for each story."  And here, the basement counts as a story.  As for the number of borings, we do not usually put them closer than 100' apart, nor more than 200' apart.  We also consider borings to be placed anywhere there are high loads, or vibratory loads, or where a detention pond will be created.  Try to remember that if the site grade will be lowered, the boring must be extended that much deeper.  For more information, please contact us and we will provide a Engineering Lunch Seminar at no charge (assuming you are somewhere in Wisconsin).

Can you recommend test frequencies?

Yes, we can.  We have a page available that lists our recommended frequencies.  However, the project specifications generally have a test frequency outlined already.  We usually follow the specifications in this area, as we work under the assumption that the designer has thought this through ahead of time.  Where the specification indicates a frequency markedly different from our normal recommendations, we will bring this to the designer's attention so that a discussion of the risks can commence.  Sometimes the specifications are revised, and sometimes the owner accepts the risks.

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