About Us:

A Brief History

Our Mission          River Valley Testing Corp is a knowledgeable and resourceful company providing the design and construction industry with geotechnical engineering, materials testing, and environmental consulting services.  Our greatest goal is to meet the needs of our clients by providing the highest quality and most valued service.

Three brothers started River Valley Testing Corp in 1990.  Each of the brothers brought a wealth of experience from three distinct aspects of the industry.  Howard "Buck" Barker brought deep knowledge of concrete, its properties, and how it behaves under various conditions.  Although Buck is no longer with RVT, he remains one of the preeminent concrete experts in Wisconsin, if not the country.  George Barker brought to RVT a broad view of construction projects, especially in the area of pavements and asphalt.  Numerous forensic investigations have given him the ability to look at the entire construction continuum and discern where upstream activities impact later project stages.  Alex Barker has a Masters degree in Geotechnical Engineering.  Alex brought the analytical experience necessary to evaluate any soil condition and determine the design and construction considerations necessary to bring value to project owners, while managing contractor risk.  The three brothers built a successful company known for its knowledge, reasonableness, and the ability to create win-win solutions for all involved in a project.

RVT Started with a Risk Based Philosophy

All of us face many decisions each day and each of these decisions carries an element of risk.  Mismanagement of the risk can lead to cost overruns, wasted time and materials, and needless waste of mental energy.  Or worse, it can cost lives if the risks are misinterpreted.

Risk Allocation: We in RVT are geotechnical and construction materials experts.  Since we are immersed in evaluating materials every day, we are also immersed in evaluating the risks associated with your available choices.  Our engineers and technical staff consider all the options before formulating a recommendation.  And then we present all the options, not just the ones that are most favorable to limiting our liabilities.  In this way, the owner, contractor, RVT, and the entire team balance and allocate the risks.

Our Team

From our offices in Neenah (Appleton) and Green Bay, Wisconsin, we provide Quality Assurance services throughout the Upper Midwest and across the country.  RVT provides the highest professionalism through a resident, licensed professional engineer responsible for each of our offices' operations.


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