Forensic Services

Construction Materials Distress

Our engineers have experience evaluating the cause of distress in a wide variety of construction materials.  We are often hired to investigate a failure, assess responsibility for the failure, and then develop solutions for repair or rehabilitation of the structure.


Left:    Wire mesh at the bottom of the slab

Right:  Road paved last fall.


Left:  Chain drag testing to delineate delaminations in a retail store floor.

Our engineers have provided forensic investigation of construction materials in the following areas:

  • Fire damaged concrete
  • Slope stability (geotechnical and soil)
  • Basement wall failure
  • Concrete spalling and scaling
  • VCT flooring delamination
  • Moisture transmission through floors
  • Floor slab curling
  • Mold investigation and mitigation
  • Foundation settlement
  • Asphalt pavement failure (during and after construction)
  • Concrete driveway/pavement failure (during and after construction)
  • Masonry cracking, bowing, and buckling
  • Masonry leakage through the block and joints
  • Structural load carrying ability
  • Concrete overlay delamination and curling
  • Epoxy floor coating delamination

Along with the forensic investigation of the materials, from time to time we are asked to provide Expert Witness Testimony on the materials and workmanship.


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