River Valley Testing Corp.

We call it like we see it.  When you retain RVT, you get what's best for the project, not what's best for RVT.

Welcome to the River Valley Testing Corp website.  We invite you to look around at the materials quality management services we offer and let us know if you desire more information.  Thank you for visiting!

RVT provides Quality Management services in geotechnical engineering, materials testing, and environmental consulting for clients throughout the country.  Our clients include architectural, engineering, and design firms, as well as contractors, municipalities, government agencies, and private corporations.  Our technical capabilities are enhanced by the constant training and personal development of our employees.

Do the piles on your project have the load carrying ability that they are designed for?  How do you know?  What if they can't carry the load?  One of the hundreds of quality assurance tests that River Valley Testing Corp provides is the instrumentation and monitoring of static pile load tests.  We are independent quality assurance consultants making sure the project is built to spec and will stand the test of time.


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